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Trekking in Nepal is a beautiful adventure. It is as naturally stunning as it is culturally rich. Visit remote ethnic Himalayan settlements and villages like never before! Travel to far-off destinations at amazing river valleys with unique terrains. Gorgeous Himalayan landscapes of Nepal are breath-taking in every way. Walk on trails that pass through beautiful alpine forests and open pasture lands. Trekking in Nepal truly is like tasting a piece of paradise.

Himalayan Dreamland Trekking Team offers many comprehensive well-rounded travel packages in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. The treks are made with best care and include all the best aspects of the regions. We present you with an amazing opportunity to experience Nepal’s natural and cultural elements in spectacular fashion. In the same fashion, the travel packages perfectly harmonize the natural ethos of the land with religious and traditional characters. Together with natural beauty, the exotic tribal and ancestral mountain settlements and villages, opulent monasteries and holy temples are as much part of the journey as enjoying the Himalayan topography.